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Phoniatrics Otorhinolaryngology Consultation

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Full range of services for the vocal pathology patient and the entire entertainment family

phoniatric rehabilitation

Convenient health care services

Online consultations

you can request online consultation through the telegram service.

Home visits

By communicating a contact request to Dr Bracho, you can request an appointment at his home.

Urgent Appointments

You can also call for an urgent appointment on our clinic office telephone number

Services and Treatments

All patients who use the voice as a working mechanism should have their voice quality checked at least every six months as a preventive measure.
The recommendation should be to a phoniatrician, a specialist in human communication.
audiological study
Acoustic rhinomanometry
Among the ear diseases are acute otitis media, which is very common in children, and acute adenotonsillitis in the throat.
And finally allergic rhinitis and viral sinusitis.
In adults, ear wax blockages, obstructive rhinopathy and vocal hoarseness are more common.

They are surgeries that solve problems of nasal timbre and vocal tone from a phoniatric point of view, allowing patients who use the voice as an instrument of work, a quick and effective solution.
ENT surgery
We also deal with speech communication pathologies in children, such as dyslalias, which are disorders in the articulation of phonemes, a very frequent example being rotacism, and other disorders in the rhythm of speech, such as dysphemia.

The technique of therapeutic ultrasound in the functional pathologies of the voice, came to solve the phoniatric rehabilitation in an incredible time and space with excellent results.
We can say that voice pathologies such as vocal nodules, glottal hiatus, chordal haemorrhage, hypertrophy of ventricular bands, with this technique in less than a month these voice disorders are completely cured.
Global Hiatus
laryngeal pathology
The voice triangle is a scientific diagnostic method to evaluate the organs responsible for producing the qualities of the voice, thus allowing an accurate diagnosis of hoarseness of the voice.

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