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Vocal cord paralysis, how to cure your hoarseness


It is unfortunate what happens to these patients, first oncologists, head and neck surgeons and neurosurgeons, when they perform surgery at the neck level and produce unintentional injuries to the laryngeal nerves, the most frequent is the injury of the recurrent nerve, the most frequent in lesions, being one of the most frequent cause of vocal cord paralysis, has the bad habit of telling the patient well go to be therapy, or send him directly to a speech therapist, speech therapist or as the North American otorhinolaryngologist says go to a speech pathologist.

This is where the patient's way of the cross begins, especially with regard to these professionals who are very good, but remember that their knowledge is of a technical-university level, not medical. And most of them usually work alone or are under the tutelage of the wrong doctor, an otorhinolaryngologist.

For these reasons I remind all these patients, they must first go to a doctor who is scientifically prepared to give them a diagnosis and prepare a rehabilitation plan. phoniatrician, this is the doctor who is scientifically prepared to give you the diagnosis and prepare the rehabilitation plan that must be applied by the phonoaudiologist, WHICH MUST BE SUPERVISED BY THE PHONIATRA EVERY MONTH, TO SEE THEIR EVALUATION AND IMPROVEMENT.

What is Vocal Cord Paralysis?

Before starting this article, I am going to define what vocal cord paralysis is; as its name indicates, there is a vocal cord that does not move, due to multiple causes, this affects the tone of the voice, which many people say has two tones, which is why one of the characteristics of this pathology of the voice is the bitonal symptom of the tone of the voice.

chordal palsy

How to Diagnose Chordal Palsy

The examination is performed with a rigid or flexible nasopharyngolaryngoscope, allowing observation of vocal cord paralysis during phonation.

Nasopharyngolaryngoscopy examination

Rehabilitation of Chordal Palsy

The application of therapeutic ultrasound came to solve a problem of this pathology, firstly because it improves all inflammatory processes in the area, allowing voice and breathing exercises to be carried out.

Phoniatric Rehabilitation

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