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Hiatus Gloticus, functional vocal pathology, how to cure your hoarseness?


One of the most frequent functional vocal pathologies in singers, announcers, journalists, teachers, due as always to the misuse and abuse of the vocal cords, for not having previously carried out the activation of the vocal triangle. VOCAL TRIANGLE.

What is Hiatus Gloticus?

Global Hiatus

Incomplete longitudinal closure of the vocal folds during phonation. It causes an air leak that distorts the pitch and leads to vocal cassation. It is present in both organic and functional pathology.

How to diagnose Glottic Hiatus?

Nasopharyngocospia rigida

By direct study of the use of a rigid or flexible nasopharyngolaryngoscope, we can observe, when sending the patient to phonate, the separation of both vocal cords, allowing air to escape.

How to rehabilitate this vocal pathology?

therapeutic ultrasound

The technique of Dr. Jaime Bracho, using the therapeutic ultrasoundat an intensity of 1.5 watts/ctms, continuous, at a time of 2.5 minutes on each side of the thyroid carillae Inter daily until completing twelve sessions in a month.

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