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OnLine Consultation

Ready to talk
with a speech-language pathologist?

Get 24/7 access to a network of more than 20,000 screened speech-language pathologists available to help you by chat, phone and video call. With specialists in over 150 categories, you'll find a professional for your needs.


Dr. Jaime Bracho

MD Otorhinolaryngologist Phoniatrician

20 years of experience

Waiting rooms

Our application allows you to get the full-service offerings of a speech-language pathologist's office from the comfort of your home.

Health associations

20,000 doctors, 150 specialties,


Dr. Cesar L. Bigott

Pediatric Otolaryngologist Otorhinolaryngologist

20 years experience


Dr. Yadira Parada

Clinical Nutritionist

13 years experience


Dr. Ramon Hernandez


16 years experience

dr jaime bracho


Dr.Jaime Bracho

Otolaryngologist-Phoniatrist Specialist

20 years experience

How does it work?


Download the application or register online



find a doctor

Dr. Jaime Bracho

Otorhinolaryngologist - phoniatrist


Get your diagnosis and prescription


Free follow-ups as needed

Our users are Happy and Healthy

"I get all my prescriptions through this app - now I won't have to waste time going to a doctor's office and sitting in the waiting room!

Theo James

"I love the speech therapist doctor I found on this app! She is very professional and very easy to chat or video call her when I need something!

Emilia Munro

"I downloaded this app when I was very sick with my voice and a Foniatrame doctor wrote a prescription in 15 minutes!!! What a life-changing app!!!

Branden Griffiths

we are here for all your questions

"We Solve All Your Questions! Find Answers and Solutions in "I'm a Voice Doctor. We are Here to Care for and Empower your Voice. 🗣️💬 #SoyMédicoDeLaVoz #CuidadoVocal"

The online consultation with a speech therapist costs $100.

Yesas long as you have an agreement with that insurance company.

Generally NoNo, but if the patient has a known medical history and is being treated by a phoniatrician or other medical specialist, medication may be prescribed that does not require a prescription.

Of course, there is no problem to be recommended by a colleague in the areas of voice pathology.

Ready to talk
with a Phoniatrics physician?

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