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How to Cure Singer's Hoarseness

how to cure singer's hoarseness

The most serious problem that most singers have is that they are not aware that they are using the phonatory apparatus as a working mechanism.

He never likes to visit or periodically and I can tell you from my experience that he hardly ever visits a voice specialist such as a PHONIATRA.

I don't want to be pedantic in disqualifying the singers; they are all professionals in being aware that their vocal apparatus needs a revision every six months, because it is the only way for them to stay in the limelight of their artistic life.

Well now we are at the problem, the alarm symptom has appeared, which is DYSPHONIA in colloquial terms, synonymous with SNORING.

Singers should first visit a voice pathologist(FONIATRA), who will examine you physically and functionally the phonatory apparatus, but previously you should go to the pre-phonatory examinations in the LABORATORY OF THE VOICE.

Because, these tests should be done, it is there where we will detect which of the qualities of the voice is altered, and so we know the anatomy of that quality that was affected, having the diagnosis, we can take a medical conduct, which will depend on whether the cause is Organic, Functional, Traumatic, and Idiopathic, etc..

Singers, this is where the new technology in PHONIATRIC REHABILITATIONcomes into play.


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