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Dr. Jaime A.Bracho O

Specialist in nasal and laryngeal surgery and rehabilitation of functional and organic voice pathologies.


"From my experience, personal connections and continuous care are the most important things. Therefore, I always take the time to get to know my patients."

Dr. Jaime Bracho

About our practice

My passion since I became a specialist in otorhinolaryngology and phoniatrics has been voice disorders, because here in Venezuela everyone wants to treat these pathologies with home remedies and even witchcraft, but nowadays I have noticed the importance of the voice in the world of entertainment and education.

So I decided to investigate how to obtain a diagnostic method from a scientific point of view that would guarantee that the qualities of the voice would work properly, until I finally discovered the voice triangle.

But that was not all, because if voice pathologies were diagnosed, now I had to invent a rehabilitation treatment to cure these voice disorders. That was when I invented the technique of therapeutic ultrasound for dysphonia of functional voice pathologies, and I really felt tremendous satisfaction because today I can recover the voice of my patients.

Our promise to you


To allow patients access to new technologies for the rehabilitation of voice pathologies.


To support the respect of our patients when they suffer from their voice disorder.


Maintaining confidence in the application of new technologies to cure hoarseness

Interview on television and radio about voice pathologies

Through this video format you will be able to know my opinions, management and treatments for voice pathologies.
On 19 April 2021, I was interviewed at the celebration of World Voice Day, where we talked about new developments in the rehabilitation of voice disorders, such as the application of therapeutic ultrasound and the Voice Triangle.
On August 11, 2020, I was interviewed by the journalist Daniela Salas in her program Noticias Globovisión salud, where we talked about Neuromuscular diseases and among them spasmodic dysphonia PART 01
On 11 August 2020, I was interviewed by journalist Daniela Salas on her programme Noticias Globovisión salud, PART 02.
On 11 August 2020, I was interviewed by journalist Daniela Salas on her programme Noticias Globovisión salud, PART 03.
On July 6th, 2020, I was invited to the program ENTRE NOTICIAS on Globovisión TV, to talk about the technique of therapeutic ultrasound in the functional pathologies of the voice.
On 22 April 2022, I was invited to the ZONA EXITO programme on 99.9 Fm radio to talk about vocal cord paralysis, 
On August 03, 2022, I was invited to the program ZONA EXITO , on the radio 99.9 Fm, to talk about Buzzing in the ears.


On February 07, 2023, I was invited to the program ASI AMANECE VANZUELA , on radio 99.9 Fm, with Román Lozinski, and we discussed the topic Noidos Molesto en venezuela.


Presentation of my scientific paper APPLICATION OF THERAPEUTIC ULTRASOUND IN VOCAL NODULES DYSPHONIA at the IV International Congress of Laryngology and Phonosurgery in Buenos Aires Argentina on 25-26 June 2011.

The Fullchola Party

interview with Dr. jaime bracho

August 30, 2018

The Fullchola Party

interview with Dr. Jaime Bracho

September 19, 2018






"The only ENT specialist in voice rehabilitation treatment technology at national and international level".


Words from our patients

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