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How to cure Hoarseness due to Vocal nodules?

What are Vocal Nodules?

Vocal cord nodules are benign (non-cancerous) growths on both vocal cords caused by voice abuse. Over time, continued vocal cord abuse results in soft, swollen tissue on each of the vocalcords.

This type of hoarseness, when evaluated by the voice triangleThe new concept of Vocal Hoarseness, because what is affected is the phonatory apparatus, mainly the vocal cords at the level of both anterior thirds of the vocal cords, presenting an inflammatory process, which if not treated in time.

White cracks are produced on both vocal cords, causing an intermittent dysphonia in the morning, but when the person starts to use the voice as a working mechanism, he/she ends the afternoon almost aphonic, and with vocal fatigue due to the efforts made by the person to be able to phonate.

How are we going to diagnose this pathology, so that the patient, as well as having his or her clinic, can recognise the damage to his or her vocal cords, that is where the voice laboratory service comes in, to carry out a specific study depending on the vocal pathology.

Voice Laboratory

On arrival at the voice laboratory, pre-phonatory examinations are carried out to visualise the vocal pathology, such as flexible nasopharyngolaryngoscopy.

Nasopharyngolaryngoscopy examination

We have already diagnosed the vocal pathology, what are we going to do now, we must cure this vocal hoarseness, with a method of Rehabilitation, which prevents the patient from being operated surgically being this technique applied by the Otorhinolaryngologists, But the phoniatrists have a state of the art technology that avoids the operation of the vocal cords such as the"Application of Therapeutic Ultrasound".


Therapeutic Ultrasound

It is a non-invasive, time and space efficient technique that dissolves the inflammatory process in the vocal cords within a month.

Phoniatric Rehabilitation

As you can see, this technique is very effective and resolves the inflammatory process in the vocal cords. Of course, the patient receives the voice and breathing exercises together, to reinforce the breathing pattern technique such as the Costo Abdominal.

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